Art and Design

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” – Erich Fromm

Art and Design at Washingborough Academy


Art and Design at Washingborough Academy encourages the children to develop their creativity, set challenges and inspires them to stretch their understanding of the world. We are passionate about equipping the children with the knowledge they need to experiment and invent when exploring art and design. As they progress, they will be encouraged to think critically in order to develop a rigorous understanding of the subject.

Through an appreciation of culture, we want to inspire the children to realise their artistic potential and broaden their understanding beyond what they think is possible. The children will be engulfed in an exciting curriculum that supports them to understand how art and design contributes to the culture, creativity and the history of our world.


At Washingborough Academy our art and design curriculum promotes curiosity and empowers our children to be independent and resilient artists. The curriculum is taught over a two-year cycle for each key stage phase so the children can explore different art movements and make high quality progress within the key skills of drawing, painting, 3D form, printing, textiles, collage, pattern and art through technology.

Through our art and design curriculum, we promote:

  • Going beyond the National Curriculum by encouraging the children to grow up to be inspired to be designers, illustrators, graphic designers, curators, sculptors and painters.
  • Carefully crafted lessons so that our children develop their artistic knowledge and ability through specific key skills and techniques, including using our onsite kiln.
  • Exploring a range of artistic work and the children will take inspiration from ‘The Greats’.
  • Enhancing the children’s knowledge of art movements through time. Art movements such as surrealism, impressionism, pointillism, cubism, modernism and pop art are explored.
  • Developing key, technical and artistic vocabulary in order for the children to describe their own work and others’.
  • Recording observations and review and revisit ideas in sketch books.
  • Providing the children with opportunities to explore and use a wide range of media and equipment to express ideas creatively across the curriculum.
  • Embracing a deep understanding and appreciation of the role creativity has played historically.



The impact of our Art and Design curriculum is measured in a variety of ways:

  • Discussions with the children in lessons
  • Targeted questions during lessons
  • Feedback given to the children
  • Pupil’s voice
  • Learning walks
  • Book looks
  • Termly assessment

By the time children leave Washingborough Academy they will:

  • Have confidence to create artwork beyond their expectations
  • Effectively reflect on their own and others’ work in order to take ownership of their creative development
  • Believe in themselves as artists and inspire their future success
  • Be ready to successfully contribute to an increasingly creative work force


“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” – Anni Albers.

Washingborough Academy – Art Movement





Frida KahloSurrealismDrawing
Claude MonetImpressionismPainting
Andy GoldsworthyEnvironmental3D Form
Georges SeuratPointillismPrinting
Wassily KandinskyAbstractTextiles/Collage
Gustav KlimtSymbolismPattern

Key Stage One – Cycle A

Vincent Van GoghImpressionismDrawing
Jackson PollockAbstract ImpressionismPainting
Henry MooreModernism3D Form
Andy WarholPop ArtPrinting
William MorrisArts and CraftsTextiles/Collage
Paul KleeCubismPattern

Key Stage One – Cycle B

David HockneyPop ArtPainting
Barbara HepworthModern and Abstract3D Form
Linda CaverleyTextilesTextiles/Collage
Bridget RileyPop artPattern

Lower Key Stage Two – Cycle A

Edward HopperImpressionism/RealismDrawing
Georgia O’KeefeModernismPainting
George SegalPop Art3D Form
Robert MorrisMinimalismPrinting
Lucienne DayTextilesTextiles/Collage
M C EscherModernismPattern

Lower Key Stage Two – Cycle B

Salvador DaliSurrealismDrawing
ChristoContemporary3D Form
Mary WhiteTextilesPrinting
Owen JonesModernPattern

Upper Key Stage Two – Cycle A

Alexander CalderSurrealismDrawing
Henri MatissePost ImpressionismPainting
Giacomo BallaModern art3D Form
Molly WilliamsTextilesTextiles/Collage
Karl BenjaminAbstract expressionismPattern

Upper Key Stage Two – Cycle B

Mary CassattImpressionismDrawing
L.S LowryNaïve artPainting
Andre SaraivaGraffiti Art3D Form
Keith HaringPop ArtPrinting
Anni AlbersTextilesTextiles/Collage
Joanne MiroSurrealismPattern