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Please find below details of our school being used as a case study by the Department of Health on their Childhood Obesity Plan and a link to a wonderful article in Nurseryworld who again, used our academy as a case study.  There are also links to articles regarding the innovative learning we provide, including articles in the Sunday Times and the Tonight programme on ITV.  We have also included our food education plans for this academic year.

New Erasmus+ funded project: European healthy pupils and skilled educators via integrated school food systems

‘European healthy pupils and skilled educators via integrated school food systems’ [EPESS] is a collaborative project taking place over 26  months and involving 10 partners The project aims to strengthen cooperation between organisations working towards a common goal: to promote health, learning and sustainable development through integrated school food systems. The project will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and innovative ways of supporting and training school communities.

We are delighted that Washingborough Academy have been invited to become involved, as partners, in this project.  It will be a fantastic opportunity for us, as a Food for Life school, to share our achievements with an international audience.

Please follow the link below to read more about this wonderful opportunity for our school.

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