Our Sports

At Washingborough Academy we offer our children with a wide range of sport lessons and extra-curricular activities weekly. Throughout the year in PE, the children explore a range of sports and the key and fundamental skills needed in each sport. Some of the sports explored include rugby, netball, tennis, badminton, dance and rounders.

Each class completes a 1k walk around the school field each day – highlighting how as a school we have encompassed healthy living and sport into our daily curriculum. The children look forward to this as it is not only an opportunity to go outdoors and take part in exercise but they are also able to develop their social and communication skills.

We also hold a very high regard towards biking, with our own cycling track around the outskirts of our large fields and access to our own bikes and helmets for the children to use. In Key Stage 2, each year group has at least one half term taking part in biking lessons with Synergy, helping them to develop confidence and competency. In Year 5, children also take part in Bikeability, receiving awards for their achievements highlighting that they are competent and safe on the roads.

Every three weeks, each class takes part in sport activities with Synergy, who cover a range of sports and skills with the children. As well as this, we also have badminton sessions (a video of this can be seen on our Sports Funding page). Through our enrichment activities we offer extra opportunities for children to take part in sports such as netball and badminton meaning that our children get many sporting activities, helping to promote a healthy lifestyle.

As well as that, our children are offered opportunities throughout the year to take part in competitions both within school and externally, providing them with the chance to apply all of the skills they have been taught, develop their team work skills, represent our school and most importantly apply and demonstrate their values, showing great sportsmanship.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all of our children and of the healthy and sporting lifestyles they each lead.

Dance Fit Project

We are really pleased to be working with ArtsNK Dance Fit team to encourage our children to increase their physical activity and become healthier. The Dance Fit project uses dance as the medium to explore healthy lifestyles and diet, increasing activity levels and boosting wellbeing. The project addresses the National Obesity agenda and works in line with North Kesteven District Council’s Physical Activity Strategy and National Obesity pilot with Leeds Beckett University. Through a weekly programme dance artists deliver various fun dance styles, creative tasks, partner work, and cardiovascular exercises all with a view to increasing fitness and boosting self-esteem. Families, parents & carers are invited to take part, with log books issued to diary progress and their individual journeys of change. The children taking part also enjoy the additional benefits of social interaction, new friendships made and importantly lots of fun. At the end of the project we will signpost outwards to numerous supporting activities/projects or initiatives for children to progress to.